1. Q. What are the new games modes in the latest version?

  2. A. There are two new modes: the first is Fast Food mode - in this you are given a target height for your sandwich and have to build it as quick as possible. The second new mode is Ration Mode - in this mode you have to reach a target height by using as little bread as possible.

  1. Q. Are their new leaderboards for the new modes?

  2. A. Yes. Each new mode has 3 leaderboards - one for each of the small, medium and large sandwich heights you can select. All these leaderboards are on Game Center as well as in game.

  1. Q. How do I get the new modes?

  2. A. Just tap on the greyed out mode names on the first screen of the game - you will be taken through the in-app purchase system to buy the modes. Both modes come with the one purchase so you don’t have to choose which one to get.

  1. Q. Any tips for Fast Food mode?

  2. A. Just draw as quickly as possible - but make sure that your sandwich doesn’t collapse. Start on the small sandwich to make things a bit easier. Big chunks of bread works best here to get as much height as possible per turn.

  1. Q. Any tips for Ration mode?

  2. A. This can be a bit trickier. Take your time and get as much height covered using a thin, spindly bit of bread in each turn. Keep a close eye on the next piece of filling that is coming down and prepare your current piece of bread to support it.

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